Ted Talks You Need To See

One of the best things about working in the advertising and marketing industry is that the industry is constantly evolving and changing. There is always more to learn and new concepts to try out, and one of the best ways we learn and grow and become better advertisers is by listening to other people.


This week, we have compiled a list of some great TedX talks that we think are great to either expand your knowledge of marketing and advertising or to simply entertain you and expand your mind.


What if there was no advertising? | George Nimeh


We're All in Marketing: What Evolution Tells Us About Advertising | Ethan Decker


Sex sells! And other mythologies of advertising | Greg Ippolito


The Stockholm syndrome of advertising | Jacob Östberg


Can advertising save the world? | Jeff Rosenblum


When advertising works | Siu Hung Ng


Let us know your thoughts!

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